How to Make a Referral

During business hours -
Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.:

Referring physicians may call 832-822-4242 or 1-800-226-2379.
The Clinic Coordinator will immediately transfer the referring physician to one of the clinic's attending physicians.

During non-business hours, weekends and holidays:

Referring physicians may call the Texas Children's Hospital operator at 832-824-1000 and ask for the hematology/oncology fellow on call.

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Referrals for Patients from Outside the United States

Appointments for patients paying from outside the U.S. are made through Texas Children's International. Texas Children's International will connect the referring provider with one of the physicians at Texas Children's Cancer Center and Hematology Service. Next, the family will be asked to call Texas Children's International to make an appointment.

The phone number for Texas Children's International is:
832-824-1138 or 1-888-240-8244

Toll-free number from Mexico to Texas Children's International is:

Para mayor información desde México, favor use nuestro numero de teléfono libre de costo:

Page modified on August 4, 2021