About The Adolescent Program

The Adolescent Program (TAP) at Texas Children's Cancer Center and Hematology Service Helps Teens Tap into New Friendships and Resources

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Texas Children's Cancer Center and Hematology Service is very excited to announce The Adolescent Program. The program is intended to bring adolescents of all ages and diagnoses together to facilitate friendships, provide support, answer questions, receive advice from long-term survivors, and, above all, have fun.

While developing the program we sought input from adolescents through questionnaires and forums. The feedback we received established our philosophy that it is not enough to simply treat an adolescent with an oncological or hematological disorder. We must also ensure they are emotionally and socially supported.

We intend to have many events throughout the year to bring adolescents together. Through the generous support of Houston Children's Charity we are able to provide these events free of charge.

These pages were created to provide information on a wide variety of topics and keep you updated on events to come. We look forward to having your input as the program continues to develop. If you have questions about the program, please contact Jalane Theis, CPNP.


We are committed to providing an opportunity for all adolescents at Texas Children’s Cancer Center & Hematology Service to have access to Peer Support.


Our Mission is to enhance the coping and adjustment of adolescents at Texas Children’s Cancer Center and Hematology Service through educational, social, & recreational activities.


  • To help adolescents come to terms with their diagnosis of cancer or hematological disorder
  • To provide a safe environment for the adolescents to discuss their feelings and anxieties that they may be experiencing
  • To increase self-esteem
  • To facilitate independence
  • To give the adolescents the opportunity to engage in life that is not defined by their diagnosis
  • To increase community involvement at Texas Children’s Cancer Center & Hematology Service

Page modified on February 16, 2022