Sickle Cell Center

Texas Children's Sickle Cell Center offers comprehensive family-centered care for children with sickle cell disease. The center provides treatment for all aspects of sickle cell disease, offering patient care, education, screening and counseling for afflicted patients and their families. Serving over 900 children, the program is one of the largest in the country.

The Sickle Cell Center offers access to new drug therapies for sickle cell disease and its complications. The staff works closely with the neuropsychology, neuro-radiology, cardiology and pulmonary departments in order to better understand the pathophysiology and to develop treatment options.

2004 U.S. Postal Service Health and Social Awareness Stamp: Sickle Cell Disease Awareness stamp

Once almost exclusively a pediatric illness, research has resulted in early detection and improvements in treatment that have extended life expectancy from the 20s to the mid-40s for many patients. Through its affiliation with Baylor College of Medicine, the center helps older patients make the important transition from pediatric to adult sickle cell care. Texas Children's Sickle Cell Center is housed within the world-renowned Texas Children's Cancer Center and Hematology Service.

Sickle Cell Center Newsletter for Families (PDF's):

Summer 2003 issue
Fall 2004 issue

Sickle Cell Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals (PDF):

Sickle Cell Disease in Children and Adolescents: Diagnosis, Guidelines for Comprehensive Care, and Care Paths and Protocols for Management of Acute and Chronic Complications

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