Dear Abbey Column

Curious Questioner asks:

Dear Abbey,

"My Mom says that going out and doing a lot of things with my friends makes me sick. If you do too many activities does it make you sickle?"

Curious Questioner

Abbey replies:

Dear Curious Questioner,

The following suggestions tend to decrease the chance of sickling during physical activities. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily and omit caffeine-containing drinks. You should increase the amount of fluids (>8 glasses of fluids/day) during such physical activities as playing sports, bike riding, skating, dancing and others. It is important to have rest periods as your body dictates and remember to always keep yourself dry. Avoid exposure to environmental temperature changes because of the tendency to promote the sickling process. Also make sure you eat well-balanced meals and get adequate rest during the night. Curious Questioner, please discuss these strategies with your parents and come up with a plan that works for you regarding your participation in activities with your friends. If you would like to read more about sickle cell disease, then surf the web including TCH website.

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