Teen Talk Interview

Charles Garcia

Charles Garcia - Age 16

How old are you?


What is your favorite food?

Baked potatoes

What is your favorite movie?


What hobbies do you enjoy?

Riding bikes, walking in nice scenery, enjoying nature (but not in a flaky way!)

What are your plans when you graduate from high school?

I would like to go to college, maybe become a police officer.

What is your favorite color?

Navy green

Who inspires you and why?

Rocky Balboa. Even though people disagreed with him and did not like him--he still did the right thing. He never gave up--failure was not an option for him.

What are the best and worst things about having cancer?

There is no worst thing for me. The best thing has been a maturing experience and has changed my perspective. I have also found a source of strength.

What is your source of strength?

I obtain strength from my Creator, God. He has proven to be trustworthy in this situation. Everytime I get good news--like I get out of the hospital or my doctors tell me I'm doing good, or my counts get better--I get closer to God. I have achieved gratefulness and learned humility and respect.

What advice do you have for other teens with an illness?

Try to find a source of strength. Learn from the experience. Don't let all this happen to you in vain. Meet other people who are in the same situation--that person may have strengths where you have weaknesses.

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