General Information for Faculty Fellowship in Pediatric Oncology Clinical Research

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The Faculty Fellowship in Pediatric Oncology Clinical Research provides a formal, comprehensive, multidisciplinary clinical research educational program to teach pediatric oncologists and Ph.D. prepared oncology nurses the design, implementation and analysis of all phases of clinical research trials. This is a structured program in which trainees receive in-depth education through a core clinical research curriculum and participation in clinical research training in one of five specialized training tracks: clinical pharmacology, neuro-oncology, cell and gene therapy, leukemia or solid tumor.

These specialized areas have been purposely chosen for two reasons. First, within Texas Children's Cancer Center, they represent funded programs of significant research strength, each with strong collaborative interactions between basic and clinical scientists. Second, within the field of pediatric oncology, they represent five critical areas in which clinical research success must occur for continued progress against childhood cancer to be realized.

Page modified on December 13, 2021