The Research Services group for the Texas Children's Cancer Center is dedicated to providing all possible support to the faculty and their staff in identifying research funding opportunities and submitting proposals for funding of sponsored research focused on pediatric oncology and hematology.

Grants and Contracts' service objective is to provide all possible support to the faculty and staff in obtaining and administering funds for sponsored projects for the Texas Children's Cancer Center. Grants and Contracts staff may provide assistance in the following ways:

  • Developing individual research plans in consultation with each faculty member.
  • Identifying and maintaining information on potential FEDERAL FUNDING SOURCES and NON-FEDERAL FUNDING SOURCES funding sources sponsor eligibility guidelines and proposal requirements.
  • Interacting with faculty and staff on pre-award planning and the processing of research, clinical study and material transfer agreements.
  • Assisting with proposal preparation including the drafting of cover letters and letters of support from the Department Chair; gathering institutional certifications, resource and "other support" data; and preparing the Routing Sheet.
  • Preparing budgets to include the required rates for salaries and wages, fringe benefits, tuition remissions and indirect costs.
  • Providing editing services for grammar, style and content upon request.
  • Maintaining a database of pending, closed and active submissions.

Contact Information:

Department of Pediatrics, Hematology/Oncology
Texas Children's Cancer Center & Hematology Service
Phone: 832-824-4105
Fax: 832-825-4203
Houston, Texas 77030

[email protected]

Page modified on September 28, 2021