Kinkaid School Senior Serenades Cancer Clinic

January 25, 2022 - Texas Children's Hospital
by Corbin B.P. Dodge

Jonathon, 11, stepped off the elevator into the Cancer Center and exclaimed, “Mom I hear a cello!”

He could hear Justin Parker playing a solo musical performance in the clinic waiting areas. Justin Parker, a twelfth-grader at the Kinkaid School in Houston, has been playing the cello for over six years. His interest in playing more professionally began when he considered the colleges that he might possibly attend and potential opportunities for majors. " I have decided to pursue a dual major in cello performance and pre-med, so that I can pursue both of my passions."

As a cello player himself, Jonathon was delighted to hear a fellow musician expressing his talent. “As far as musicians go, Justin is amazing,” he said.

The Kinkaid School, a college preparatory school in Houston, allowed Justin the opportunity to participate in a separate curriculum during the first three weeks in January. Justin was given the opportunity to engage in this interim term internship anywhere that he chose, as long as it helped him to explore his potential career inclinations. His decision, Texas Children’s Hospital.

“I’ve been on an inpatient and outpatient rotation. I was able to do a surgery week, spend time in orthopedics, radiotherapy, and sports-medicine—pretty much everywhere,” said Justin.

Justin’s interest in Texas Children’s Cancer Center is based on his future aspirations to become a physician. “It seems like cancer brings a relationship between the patient and the doctor. As opposed to a one-time visit where it is an in and out session, with cancer it is years and years that the patient and doctor know each other,” Justin said.

Jonathon was very excited to listen to another cello player, especially one with as much talent as Justin. “Some musicians produce great music as Justin has clearly done. He has been playing for six years and it’s amazing to do that.” When asked to remark upon his feelings about Justin’s performance, Jonathon said, “I just can’t put it into words.”

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