Patient Stories

Below are children and teenagers who have faced similar challenges regarding cancer and hematology disorders and have WON. Read these personal success stories from some of our patients by clicking on the links below:

Allen, diagnosed at 8, acute myeloid leukemia
Crystal, diagnosed at 7 and 14, acute lymphoblastic leukemia
David, diagnosed at 15, T-cell lymphoma
Gabrielle, diagnosed at 10 months, acute lymphoid leukemia
Garrett, diagnose at 2, brain tumor
Kara, 13, sister of Krista who was diagnosed at 7 with leukemia
Katelyn, diagnosed at 6, aplastic anemia
Kelli, diagnosed at 2 1/2, neuroblastoma
Leah, diagnosed at 8 weeks, retinoblastoma
Luis, diagnosed at 4, osteosarcoma
Nicole, diagnosed at 4, neuroblastoma
Scott, diagnosed at 13, acute lymphoid leukemia
Shawn, diagnosed at birth, acute myeloid leukemia
Taylor, diagnosed at 10, myelodysplastic syndrome and monosomy 7
Terra, diagnosed at 13, acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Tracy, diagnosed as a toddler, sickle cell disease

Page modified on December 19, 2021